Our Journey of Intimacy.

We were married in 1989 and spent the first 16 years of our married life in Ft.Collins, CO.  I was a school teacher and later a youth pastor . . . and a northern Colorado native my first 38 years.  Michelle, originally from Minnesota, grew up in northern Colorado and was a nurse until the Lord gave us our precious Alyssa Marie in 1994.  During our years in Ft. Collins the Lord revealed to us the battle over the generation of our time, and the critical place understanding Jesus as God's Wisdom is for this generation to succeed.  As God continued to release the revelation of the message of Wisdom, He revealed the purpose of the Seven-fold Spirit (which was first abstract and bizarre, then uncomfortable but palatable, and now desirable and foundational), and what is now simply called Wisdom's House - church in intentional new covenant community.  In 2004 we moved to Colorado Springs and entered a season of testing where He revealed to us the single-mother, the fatherless, and the ancient walls of a city. Jesus as Wisdom has revealed to us how He builds a Life, a Family (and His Family of families), a Church in Community, and a City. 

For four of the five years in the Springs we served with Dutch and Ceci Sheets to develop a local work - Freedom Kingdom Enterprises. It was with the Sheets that Wisdom's House began to develop, we are eternally grateful for their love and support. (See Endorsement Letter)

The Miracle of Gracie Joy!    Jesus confirmed the public launch of Wisdom's House by fulfilling a promise He made in 1996.  A close friend of ours prophecied, "when you are released in your calling, the rest of the children will come."  Our 13 year wait for our second child was over when we adopted Gracie Joy in the beginning of 2009 having launched Wisdom's House in November of 2008. 

The Birth of Wisdom's House! We had worked for the Sheets since late 2007, and in 2009 we were birthing Wisdom's House.  We believe the awakening that is coming will be significantly enhanced by The Eyes of Heaven which are the Seven Spirits, the Lampstand that causes a persons heart to be able dwell in I Am and therefore dwell with others who are in I Am.  Thereby seeing how Wisdom builds a life, family & Family in Community, the place of night and day intercession and how we care for the poor all as critical elements to the awakening and the reformation that is to come.  We must see how Wisdom builds because it is by Wisdom that He laid the foundations of the earth.  Leaving Colorado Springs, we were convinced the Lord was leading us to Kansas City to do this work - at the last minute He clearly directed us to northern Colorado

As we taught our first Start Me Up! course in Fort Collins and City Seminar, we were looking for a church to knit ourselves to as we landed in northern Colorado. Miraculously the Lord led us to Holy Trinity Fellowship and Jordan & Geralyn Bajis. Truly the Lord confirmed the message of Wisdom through the testimony of their lives in bringing a people into the place of living lives focused on night and day prayer building the House of God intentionally in new covenant community.  Our whole lives and way of living began to reflect what we perceived to be Wisdom's House, but now experienced because of two decades of faithful, loving, labors of the people of Holy Trinity.  Deep Christ-covenant community was now our desire and call - to be and be built into Church. Also in this season we met Tim & Janet Johns founders of the church planting movement - Rock Tribe International.  We met through a mutual friend and brother, Joshua Horak (lead - elder at the Rock Tribe community in Laramie, WY). In the fall of 2012 the Lord began to speak to me about planting a church in new covenant community.  As I shared with my wife she too felt it was the Lord leading and we therefore consecrated a season of testing and confirming the word.  We did not expect the fountain of God to burst forth beneath us as it did.  One example is that two people had dreams, likely on the same night, over three years previous. Both dreams confirmed that northern Colorado was a season and that it was necessary, though difficult, in order to transform the ministry (like a catepillar into a butterfly) and show us that Kansas City, MO had been the Lord's direction all along. Miracle of miracles we landed in the missions base that Tim and Janet started in the urban-core of Kansas City back in the mid-90's. For full story click here.

We now look forward to all that will come as we move to Kansas City to start this work.

Don't hold back, if it costs you everything you have, GET WISDOM! Wisdom will help you - In all things passionatly pursue intimate oneness with God (Father, Son, Spirit), and all who are His, so that the world will know Him. 

Grace to you!  Brett, Michelle, Alyssa, and Gracie Joy!