Wisdom’s House

An Intentional New Covenant Community


House of Prayer as a Way of Life

Built on the foundation of love & community . . .

Count Zinzendorf,

"There can be no Christianity without Community."





 Cities that prosper as beacons of light and places of refuge.






Statement of Faith




 To Equip The People of God to Be and Build Church

While Training Them to Build their Life & Family in New Covenant Community,

Reaching their City by Being the City of God a Lampstand City on a Hill.


Building Strategies

(How Wisdom Builds a Life, Family, Community, and City)

Equipping Individuals:


As the individual goes, so goes the family and also The Family of God.  In order to begin to understand our potential as a Body, each person is invited to a season of learning by listening to the Lord through a process of 'mentoring' culminating in participation in a Fire Fellowship small group.

                Introducing life based on the law of love and an intimate oneness with God;Father, Son, & Holy Spirit, and all who are His.

Restoring covenant love by opening the door to all who hear the Lord calling them into the communion of the Family of God.

Equipping young adults to prepare for marriage and family life as full-time Kingdom Families in Wisdom's Houses

Equipping children to be burning and shining lamps who go from innocence to intimate oneness with God.

Building individuals, not institutions; loving people, not personalities.



Equipping Families:

Understanding that Wisdom is known by her children.

Training ourselves as we train our children.

Creating a culture responsive to the loss of a generation by building nuclear families that play together, pray together, and stay together in the House of God.

Training the Body of Christ to release the Kingdom of Heaven from Parents to Children, Generation to Generation.


Building Church as New Covenant Community:

Modeling by living out new covenant community (Wisdom's House).

Seeing the Family of God as The Family of families united in Christ repenting forward into the oneness Jesus prayed for until we are a reflection of the unity found int the Holy Trinity.

Cultivating a custom of service that creates community and changes culture in the

“Seven Societal Mountains.”

(Family, Religion, Government, Business, Education, Arts & Entertainment, Media)

Church as a Lampstand City

(Missional Kingdom Families)

A bi-monthly gathering of five to seven families where ministry, gifts, and leadership are developed within the Body.

A gathering whose focus is to welcome, in particular, a single-mom who is seeking to give her life to the Lord and Hid People, into a place in the family.

A gathering  of families who are always listening as to the call of the Lord to plant as a church as the Lord leads, or to stay and build the City on a Hill in the City of origin.

Rebuilding the ancient walls and ancient foundations of a city by equipping God’s people to strategically care for the poor out of the House Wisdom builds.

Restoring ‘Faithful City’ status to cities by pleading the case of the single-mother and defending the cause of the fatherless.


A gathering of five to seven families whose focus is to welcome, in particular, a single-mom and her family into a place of family.