What happens when you invite Christ to build Your Life with God's Wisdom:

Your perspective changes. 

You see from a higher vantage point that increases as you embrace the cross and elevate your perspective to see your part in the bigger picture; in God's Family, the Church.


Discovering the fulness Intimacy with Christ is impossible without a 'way of life' connection to His Body.


How to increase your intimacy with Jesus and therefore your ability to hear His voice.


How to make decisions that will build a successful, regret free, history in God.


How to be able to build a life that joins Jesus and His Spirit in intercession for the earth as a vital member of Christ's Body.








Your Life - Wisdom's First House. A Live-Stone in the House of God.


 Wisdom's Tool Box - M.E.A.T.


(Young Adults see: Wisdom's Houses link above.)


The first building block (house) that Wisdom uses to build the LORD's House is the house of your life!  In order for His Family, The Church, to be built so that it can not be shaken, an individual must be knit into Heaven's family.  As they grow, either as a husband, wife, son, or daughter, they are either being strengthened in their marriage, or prepared to be married. (Though some might be called to be single for the LORD.) It is then that the Church - a Family of families can become The Family of Families, just as Jesus is King of Kings!


We can build our lives by  Wisdom when we violently pursuing intimacy with Jesus; ie. Love God with all our heart, soul, strength.  Intimacy with Jesus results in perspective on the value of time, relationships with His people, and gold-silver-precious-stone productivity . . . doing only what the Father says, just as Jesus set the example.


Is your food to do the will of our Father?


Jesus was our example because He found out what was on His 'to do list' in heaven and focused on completing only those things . . . only what the Father said for Him to do.  He was known by His 'children' and His deeds, as is Wisdom.  This is how Jesus-Wisdom built Jesus-Son of Man's life, and can help us build our lives in God.  The beginning of Building His House, His Family, the Church.


A critical piece of Wisdom's Equipping is knowing how to make right decisions, and then beginning to build a history with Jesus as you make decisions like He did:


Click here for a Biblical Decision-Making Model.


In all things violently puruse intimacy with the Living Christ.  Really that is all that is needed.  It's the first command - Love God . . . violently (ALL your heart, sould, strength!)  As I made this my life's motto, Jesus showed me how Wisdom was designed to help us get to an intimate-oneness with Him like He had with the Father.


 Ephesians 1:17 - "I keep on asking that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the glorious Father, would give you the Spirit of Wisdom and revelation so that you might intimately know Him."


 How Wisdom Builds a Life:


Wisdom builds by training individuals how to have productive obedience out of Intimacy with Jesus by mentoring, teaching, training, equipping, and living by example so that your integration into the Body is sure.  (Wisdom's Houses are designed to prepare young adults for this!) Jesus is the bread of life - His table is Wisdom's Table.  It is vital that the people of God not only know how to get bread for themselves, but they rightly discern this Body, the Body of Christ.  Jesus accomplished everything His Father had for Him to do because He was filled with, and grew in, the Spirit of Wisdom as a child and young man (Luke 2).  He understood that real food is to do the will of the Father. (John 4).  It was the Spirit of Wisdom that caused His intimacy with His Father to result in the highest productivity a man has ever known so that He accomplished all His Father asked of Him (John 17:4).  This is available to each of us, if we GET Wisdom.


Take this Biblical Decision-Making Model with you so that you can begin to build a history in God!  Every history begins with a good decision.  Ask Jesus to visit you as the Spirit of Wisdom.