Wisdom's Houses

A place for young adults to be trained and prepared live out The Message of Wisdom to be and build church by preparing themselves for life in marriage or to be single for the Lord.

Training is focused on each ones call to love and give-up their lives to Jesus as members of His Body.  Jesus, the Wisdom-Builder,  is knitting each one who desires to come into His Family of families.  This is not an internship, it is training unto a way of life.

Training that is counter to the cultural church because it is not for a semester, it is for life.

We live in an hour where the definition of being a Christian has such a wide range of meaning, it has almost become meaningless.  In this setting, the ancient foundations and walls of the City of God are in ruins, and must be rebuilt into a City that prospers and is a beacon of light as a City on a Hill.

Wisdom's Houses are a life-based training environment that will prepare twenty-somethings for a life lovingly devoted to Jesus, His Church, and His Kingdom.  Not to eventually be 'in ministry', but to live a life of ministry. This environment will run counter to the cultural church, focused on equipping producers from generation to generation, not maintaining consumers.  It will be a few years of purpose that lead to 60 years of impact.

The turning of the hearts of fathers to equip and prepare the next generation for life as The Church, will restore what the ancient fathers had in view, new covenant love.  The restoration of the generations will carry with it the restoration of the Church-as-Family, and dismantle the common idea that a young adult be an intern serving the programs of a church, and cause them to prepare to be successful husbands, wives, fathers, and mothers - releasing the Kingdom of Heaven from generation to generation.