Wisdom's Tool Box is full of short sayings that capture a big idea and help children grow in their ability to grasp deep truth.  Children are not to be expected to understand all of what they are saying, but "like nails firmly embedded given by One Shepherd" these truths will come to life as they learn to passionately pursue an intimate onensess with God.

Examples in written format:

GINSH MASFC - The Ten Commandments (Exodus 22)

SiLiLiFiP - Children can lead by example in Speech, Life, Love, Faith, & Purity (1Tim. 4:12)

M.E.A.T & T.E.A.M - Determine what team your on by your Money, Energy, Affection, & Time. 

LiPiCoR - Avoiding relational heart-attach when you Listen, Paraphrase, Clarify, then Respond.


Tools in audio format:

CaYGo! - Clean as You Go!

RoFoBoLoRoJo - What did we Learn in Elementary School?

Teaching about RoFoBoLoRoJo - Hebrews 6:1-3

Teaching about M.E.A.T. - Matt 6:19-24