Wisdom Builds A Family

What happens when you invite Christ to build Your Life with God's Wisdom:

Building Family Means:

How to knit your family into the family of God.

How to build a family that plays, prays, and stays together.

How to see your children as your primary spiritual offspring and train to build their lives by Wisdom.

How to create a home environment that is comfortable with the presence of the Lord and prayer.

How to release The Blessing into your children.




Your Family AND God's Family, the Church.

How Wisdom Builds a Family: Listen to Podcasts of Weeks 4 & 5.

The second most important building block of The Church, after the individual life, is the nuclear family.  The family is the best way to release the Kingdom from generation to generation, and is the primary place for men to take pastoral leadership.  This is why single mothers (and fathers) are so close to the LORD's heart . . . He desires restoration of the family in His Family.  The Family of God is built of healthy individuals and families in covenant with Jesus, loving Him and loving eachother.  These are the first two pillars in the Church, Wisdom's House.  While the Church-as-Family sets an example for parents how to build their family in Wisdom, the first disciple of a mother or father should be there children.  Included on this page is the Kingdom Reader that gives insight into how the Family of God was designed to be a way of life, not a building called church. 

Also included are some tools from Wisdom's Tool Box.  Specifically utilizing the Hebrew perspective of Wisdom uncovered in the picture of a nail being pounded into a wood until it is buried.  Wisdom’s Tool Box is full of ‘nails’ to get into the next generation by setting a culture in a Wisdom’s House community.  Here we train families and the family of God do “cultural memorization” concerning the Holy Scriptures, families, the seven societal mountains,the Kingdom of Heaven, and the Church.  This is where we will launch an Anointed Generation

The Kingdom Reader - Week 1

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