Wisdom Builds Community

Building Community Means:

Repenting into true Church: Believers in New Covenant Community.

The Church Family, Wisdom's House.

How to release the Kingdom of Heaven in your daily work environment.

Gaining a perspective that will set your identity as being on Team A for the Kingdom

even if you are not in full-time ministry. 

How to release the Kingdom in your daily life by hearing the voice of the Lord and

accomplishing His will and His work.



Jesus is The "King of Kings" and His Body is The "Family of Families" 

A true Family of families. 

The Church is the Family of God - a community that is rooted in the love of the new covenant.  God intended the family to be a beautiful picture, but we are almost unable to fathom a wholesome family unit in our fractured and fragmented world.  God's design is that family is built by generational impartation, to our biological and spiritual children, those who would become disciples of the Lord.  What we all have known as church (cultural church) is held together by an event-based system that reflects the wisdom of man. Though unintended we have relied on popularity as much as the Holy Spirit, and in the end has only the appearance of a family, but it is a house built on the sand.

While the starting point is each one making a choice to follow the Lord as an individual, the blue prints call for the building of The Family, by building marriages that build families, that build The Family.  The Church, God's Family, is a Family of families - a House of households.  From many, One.

The end result is a force in the earth that Heaven calls The Church.  The gates of hell cannot stand against this Body.  Just as Jesus is King of Kings and Lord of Lords, so too is the Church intended to be The Family of Families.  A group of people who know how to love and relate to one another so selflessly, so seemlessly, that they are revealing the Kingdom of Heaven simply by the way they love eachother.  This is impossible to attain with our current paradigm of 'church.'  The Spirit of Wisdom will cause the hearts of the fathers to build by obtaining children.  The Spirit and power of Elijah will reflect this Wisdom as a voice arises to turn our hearts to our ancient fathers of covenant, and see how they built with Wisdom. 

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